Olio, La Calcinara
extra virgin olive oil

From our olive grove we get the extra virgin olive oil La Calcinara, an expression of an olive variety indigenous to Le Marche. A fundamental nutrient for the Mediterannean diet , extra virgin olive oil, together with wine, is a basic element from the enogastronomic regional culture and an important factor that etches the longevity of Le Marche's inhabitants.

The olives are cropped with a manually facilitated harvesting system, processed after each harvesting day and pressed using exclusively cold system mechanisms. The olive remains healthy, far from the oxidation process, obtaining an oil with a low acidity that gives distinct organoleptic characteristics.

Monovarietal Raggia

The oil is made solely from Raggia olives, a typical variety in the province of Ancona. This oil presents a yellow color with green tones, slightly fruity, harmonic with a hint of almond. The taste is a lightly bitter and spicy note that is excellent paired with roasted meat, bruschette and pulse soups.

Monovarietal Leccino

We make this elegant and decisive oil solely from Leccino olives. It presents a yellow color with green tones, slightly fruity and with delicate scents. The taste reveals fresh vegetables and nuts that make it ideal paired with fish, white meat and seasonal vegetables.


From the combination of the company's various olives, we obtain this oil, suitable to be paired with any food that calls for the presence of a decisive and fruity oil. Raggia, Leccino, Ascolana Tenera e Piantone di Mogliano give this "essence" of complexity and characteristics to be appreciated by all palates.

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