The Conero mountain, an original habitat

The city of Ancona owes the etymology of its name to the Greek word "ankon" (elbow.) It's bent elbow conformation that protects the natural port was already recognized by the Greek race of Dorians in the 5th century B.C . The mountain range of Mount Conero, a nature reserve since 1987, along with the headland , the areas lying behind the coast and as far as the districts of Offagna and Osimo, have diverse characteristics from other coastal and hilly Adriatic zones for their morphology, vegetation and position. In fact, Conero is the only prominent headland along the Adriatic coast until the Apulian Gargano.

Walking along the coast, one discovers the splendid Portonovo Bay, with its beaches and important historical testimonies like the Napoleonic fort, the Watchtower and Saint Mary's church. Continuing further south, the towns of Numana and Sirolo make up a strong seasonal tourist attraction thanks to their ongoing beaches.

The village of Candia

The winery is situated in the village of Candia, in the Ancona district (Marche region); a hamlet of about 800 people, situated on a hill at 200 m above sea level and 5 kms from the sea. The village is known not only for its viticulture calling, but also for the folk festivals of Covo and Trebbiatura, dedicated to the grain harvest, that take place in August.

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