With each harvest, in October, the grapes are gathered in small boxes. A perfectly healthy grape that is rich with everything that the soil and the plant make available. The fruit becomes a treasure chest in which the vine, like a mother, shelters the seed and the useful life substances--sugars to make the fruit more appetizing, organic acids for enduring longevity and phenolic substances to protect it. Then there are the aromas, those scents that make wines recognizable and each one different from the next.

In light of it all, it's easy to understand how the winery is a place to maintain and give maximum respect to the qualities contained in the fruit, the same for which we have struggled and worked for during the course of the year.

In the modern winery, we want to therefore preserve this quality and direct our wine towards a stylistic approach rather than another on the basis of our choices, verifying its richness in fruit or planning it for a long aging process. Hygiene, cleanliness and minute care of the winery make an experimental laboratory in which the help of modern machinery allows us to choose with each harvest the most correct formula and to make it possible.

In the cellar the wine ages. Or perhaps it's more correct to affirm--matures. A calm visionary place, in which millions of reactions happen in the silence of the barrels. Large oak barrels age the Terra Calcinara and the barriques host Il Folle. And here is where one must know how to wait. And if you're not capable, you learn to be.

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